Ward 9 Councillor Kitchener




Protect and stand up for our ward

Like so many of you, I want to improve what happens within our city and within our ward.  We have a great history that has carried on through to today, but we have new challenges.  The expansion of the core must be handled properly to ensure a healthy living and working environment.

Defending your taxes

The budget must be followed. There cannot be a deficit, nor can there be more taxes.  The working classes have been taxed more and more, and pushed far beyond reasonable limits.  I have done many jobs in tough working conditions with stressful 24/7 work weeks, and it is very frustrating to see the amount of tax that comes off and then misused.  The reality of that dollar means a lot to working people in our ward, but the numbers don't seem to phase every politician. It is not city money, it is tax payer money, and it needs to be accounted for. Like many of you, I have done the tough  jobs and the tough hours, and I want my tax money used properly.


Our ward has an incredible number of cultural events from so many aspects of our varied backgrounds. We need to support and defend the importance of those events.  My family has been raised to participate in the arts and support them.  We also recognize the importance for learning about other cultures and art forms too; this is a key component to the make up of Ward 9.


I volunteered for twenty years on our neighbourhood rink. I was one of those people who was outside spraying water in -20 temperatures while most people were huddled inside. I also did a lot of volunteering in our kid's schools. I worked around my shifts to make myself available for school trips to the pools, art galleries, nature walks, performances, and many other field trips. I also volunteer outside my community in the countryside where I help mark many kilometers of snowmobile trails for winter enthusiasts.  My favourite unofficial volunteering is in the winter, when I start up my snow-blower to clear out multiple sidewalks and driveways to help make my neighbourhood a caring community.