Ward 9 Councillor Kitchener



I worked alongside Philip Molto in the Broadcast industry for many years and we were on a local Union executive.  As a Vice-President of our  local, Philip knew the importance of worker rights and worked to protect those rights and the proper process that guarantee fair and just treatment.  Philip's character and work ethic are of the highest standards.  He would be an excellent choice as Councillor of Ward 9.

                                                                      Jamie Niven

                                                         Former President of Unifor 712M

We've have had the pleasure of working with Philip Molto for over 30 years. He is a very skilled, very productive, very personable and a very welcome person to have on the team. Starting with student productions at College, we've since hired Phil when we know the challenging job has to be done right and have co-produced more one than independent production with him. More than being someone to count on, with our kids being the same age, we've seen what a great parent and family man he is. He really is a great guy!  He is an excellent choice as Councillor of Ward 9.

                                                        Carol Ann Whalen and Rob Currie

                                                    C to C Productions | Kitchener, Ontario

I have known Phil from his days at CTV.  His passion for people was very evident in all his work!  Now he is entering another great chapter in his life and the lives of others.  He would definitely do a great job for the people in his ward!  People often say I have your best interest at heart.  With Phil he truly does.


As a former employer of Phil Molto I wanted to provide our support to his recent candidacy for the position of city councillor.  Phil was a brilliant member of our team and contributed greatly to business successes. He was always there to chip in and support and his default to driving forward despite the challenges we faced was a strong indication of a solid character. Always a team player and always concerned for his audience, the company and all our stakeholders , he was a key pillar of our group. Sadly, our firm made the decision to divest the group Phil worked with and we have missed his energy and contributions ever since.

Phil’s family values, and his drive are solid attributes and his knowledge and caring for the community will serve it well if he is elected to the position he is currently seeking.

Simply stated, if we were qualified to vote for Phil he would have our support hands down.

                                                                  John W. Kerr,  President

                                       KERRWIL PUBLICATIONS LIMITED | Midland, Ontario

Phil and I worked 10 years together at CKCO, now CTV Kitchener. He was the best supervisor you could ask for! Phil had a smile and energy to fill up the newsroom every day. He was my mentor. Beginning your broadcasting career at a TV news station can be a very daunting task, as it can be a very hectic environment at times.

Phil was supportive and helpful from day one and his work ethic was incredible. He was an amazing example of the type of employee I strived to be. When Phil was working, everything was always in control and taken care of. It was also a lot of fun working together, his sense of humour would brighten your day.

He is a genuine and honest person with a great outlook on life. I am sure he would make the best city councillor for Ward 9!

                                                                 Jennifer Cipriano Pagett

Phil Molto has been a well known to many people in the snowmobile circuit across Ontario. He has volunteered in many ways in our Bridgeport snowmobile club. Our 60 kilometers of club trails are a part of the Southwestern Ontario district trail system which totals 2600 kilometers. Every kilometer of trail is very important to keep in place as they are all connected and lead a rider from village to village across southern Ontario.

Before the season can begin, the trails must be marked with stakes and proper signs put up to have sledders navigate safely through the trail system. Phil has been one of several volunteers that come out every year to help set up our trail system. He not only helps, but he brightens up the atmosphere with all the other volunteers and makes everyone feel good about themselves and what they are doing. He has a great appreciation and an understanding for people that volunteer and you can feel it when you are around Phil.

Phil also has a good understanding about the safety aspects of snowmobiling. He put together many video segments to be shown on a TV show to help snowmobilers understand more of the challenges that you can face when on the trails.

Thanks for everything you have done for us Phil, we truly appreciate all your help!

                                                                                       Graham Snyder

                                                                OFSC Southwestern District 5 President

Philip Molto and I have been neighbours for 20 years.  Over that time, we’ve had many discussions about all kinds of topics including politics and public transit.  While we haven’t always agreed, I’ve always received the respect of being heard and understood.  Phil asks good questions, he has taken the time to understand public transit (where I work)  and knows its value in developing stronger communities.  While he always has an eye on the budget, he’s not afraid to invest money when it will have  a multiplier effect for his community.  He will be a great champion for Ward 9 when you choose him to represent you.”

                                                                    Kevin Brown

                                                              Public Transit Consultant

I think this must be an odd position for Phil since he has never been one to brag about his accomplishments. However many politicians exaggerate their abilities.  I have know Phil a long time and despite his talents he has been more of a self deprecating person than braggart.  Therefore I’ll have to do it for him. I met him in high school. He was new to the school and still managed to become valedictorian. He has worked in landscaping, factory work, retail, education and held various media positions in front of and behind the camera. He has also volunteered to make a difference at schools, in his community and at various events. He is a hard working and honest person who will work hard to make a positive impact.  People always complain that politicians are out for themselves and never listen to the average person. Here is your chance to vote for one of the good ones ward 9.  Disclaimer. I don’t live in ward nine. I’ve had the privilege to call Phil Molto my friend. I run a small business in Fergus and believe in Phil.

                                                             Sincerely Kevin Maggs

I was first introduced to Phil Molto while we were both working at CTV News in Kitchener. I was always impressed with his ability to lead a team, his professionalism and especially the kindness he showed toward others. If I lived in this ward, Phil Molto would get my vote.

                                                                    Kyle Christie

                                                               CTV News Anchor