Ward 9 Councillor Kitchener



My working days started at a very young age. We had a family landscape business at the young age of 13, I started spending my summers on the construction sites.  We also owned sod farms, so as a teenager, my summers were for working, not relaxing.  With four brothers in the mix, there was not enough room for everyone so I decided to chart my own course in the working world.

When I finished high school, I had two passions, journalism and urban planning. It was a tough choice, but I went for the creative side and went to Sheridan College for Photography, then went to Conestoga College for broadcasting.  To pay my way through college, I picked up some new skills and work realization, by working in retail at Black's Cameras, and also worked as an injection molding operator on a 24 hour factory shift rotation.

While in College I began my TV career and began full time when I graduated in 1988. I worked in almost every aspect of TV news up until 2015, when I headed out to be a national magazine editor and national TV power-sports host.

I always yearned to get back to other career option of urban planning or civil engineering, and this year the opportunity to run for Kitchener City Council fits in to my long term plan. Over the many years in TV news, I met with political leaders in municipal, provincial and federal politics. The experience and candid conversations within those relationships, gave me a keen insight that fueled my passion for municipal politics.